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FROZEN PLANET.... 1969 - the heavy medicinal grand exposition LP gelb/grün

FROZEN PLANET.... 1969 - the heavy medicinal grand exposition LP gelb/grün

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FROZEN PLANET.... 1969 - the heavy medicinal grand exposition LP gelb/grün

"...GRAND EXPOSITION: A HERBAL MIRACLE' - The sixth album by Frozen Planet....1969 is another improvised heavy-psyched-out instrumental adventure. This time however, the music invokes the spirit of the old travelling medicine shows. This is a return to the "concept album" by the band (their first three albums were also concept albums). The tracklisting is quite simple, but the concept and layout is much more complex. Two tracks; the title-track as track one, lasting an entertaining thirty-nine and a half minutes, followed by a neat little "encore" of about six minutes. Track one is of course spread over two sides for the vinyl edition due to playing-time restrictions. However, the fade-out at the end of side one could be viewed as a lead into an intermission! The parts of the title-track serve as the acts of the show. The band takes twists and turns to help guide you through the story, while Doctor Berner is on a quest to sell bottles of his glowing green elixir with the help of some colourful characters. This is all illustrated in a wonderful vintage comicbook style. Simply follow the program inside the gatefold and you'll have a grand old time! 200 copies on yellow green vinyl."

ELECTRIC MOON - inferno 2-LP weißELECTRIC MOON - inferno 2-LP weiß

ELECTRIC MOON - inferno 2-LP weiß

Art-Nr.: st1206 re issue
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SHOOTING GUNS - nosferatu 2-LPSHOOTING GUNS - nosferatu 2-LP

SHOOTING GUNS - nosferatu 2-LP

Art-Nr.: CF 093
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loading... FROZEN PLANET.... 1969 - the heavy medicinal grand exposition LP gelb/grün FROZEN PLANET.... 1969 - the heavy medicinal grand exposition LP gelb/grün

23.11. AT-Salzburg, Rockhouse, Dome of Rock Festival
04.05. NL-Nijmegen, Doornroosje, Sonic Whip Festival
20.-22.06. Netphen, Freak Valley Festival

22.12. CRO-Zagreb, Tvornica Kulture

07.12. ITA-Teramo, Officine Indipendenti
11.04.2019 NL-Tilburg, Roadburn Festival
04.05.2019 ITA-Piacenza, ChezArt
04.06.2019 ITA-Sezzadio, Cascina Bellaria

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