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HIBUSHIBIRE - turn on, tune in, freak out! LP colour

HIBUSHIBIRE - turn on, tune in, freak out! LP colour

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Art-Nr.:REPOSEL 077

HIBUSHIBIRE - turn on, tune in, freak out! LP colour

"It would be fair to say Hibushibire's 2017 debut album 'Freak Out Orgasm!' went down well with fans of psych-rock (call it what you will). So far its had three vinyl pressings, two cassette pressings and a CD run back in Japan. Once again their second album is produced by Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple, Mainliner) and it's the next logical step in the band's sonic development. As with its predecessor, side one consists of three tracks, 'Ecstasy Highwaystar', 'Blow! Blow! Blow!' and 'Overdose, Pussycat! More! More!'. Some of these titles will be familiar if you've followed the band's live shows in recent times, and it's pretty much a guitar to the front, full gonzo-style hard-rocking psychedelic freak out from the first blast of Changchang's guitar panning from left to right before the main riff kicks it all off. Again, as with their debut, side two comprises of just one epic length track. 'Rollercoaster Of The Universe' clocks in at seventeen minutes and is the sound of the band moving onto the next level during its journey. It's a shudderingly beautiful piece, with many hypnotic twists and turns."

EARTHLING SOCIETY - sci-fi hi-fi LP colourEARTHLING SOCIETY - sci-fi hi-fi LP colour

EARTHLING SOCIETY - sci-fi hi-fi LP colour

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loading... HIBUSHIBIRE - turn on, tune in, freak out! LP colour HIBUSHIBIRE - turn on, tune in, freak out! LP colour

18.09. PT-Porto, Maus Habitos (+Talea Jacta)
20.09. PT-Lisboa, Sabotage (as Talea Jacta meets Electric Moon)
21.09. PT-Santarem, Jardim Portas Do Sol, Portas Do Sol Festival
18.10. Bochum, Zeiss Planetarium
19.10. Bochum, Zeiss Planetarium
08.11. PL-Poznan, Pod Minoga
09.11. PL-Krakow, Soulstone Gathering
10.11. PL-Warschau, Hydrozagadka

14. + 15.11. CRO-Zagreb, Kset (plus Otrovna Kristina, Jastreb etc.)

04. or 05.10. NOR-Oslo, Høstsabbat

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