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CAUDAL - fight, cry, fight LP splatter

CAUDAL - fight, cry, fight LP splatter

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Model:DRR015 splatter

CAUDAL - fight, cry, fight LP splatter

"This record is the completion of a loose trilogy comprised of three full-length releases, all of which were recorded at Golden Retriever Studios in Berlin and feature album artwork by the Irish artist Eoin Llewellyn. It differs slightly from the Forever In Another World (Oaken Palace Records) and Ascension (Consouling Sounds) albums with a focus on shorter and more tightly structured songs though still featuring the trio’s habitual post-rock, experimental and krautrock sounds. John McBain returns to provide his impeccable mastering skills."
This is the Regular edition: 150 copies on beer-colour transparent vinyl.

CAUDAL - fight, cry, fight LP colourCAUDAL - fight, cry, fight LP colour

CAUDAL - fight, cry, fight LP colour

Item number: DRR015
Lieferzeit 2-7 Tage. Vorausgesetzt der Kunde bezahlt/überweist zeitnah. **

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 15 April, 2018.
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28.10. GER-Bochum, Planetarium

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05.05. GER-Berlin, Desertfest Berlin
01.06. GER-Netphen, Freak Valley Festival

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14/04 NL Groningen - Vera Groningen
15/04 NL Utrecht - EKKO
17/04 BE Liege - KulturA.
19/04 BE Brussels - VK concerts
20/04 NL Tilburg - Roadburn Festival
21/04 NL Tilburg - Roadburn Festival
22/04 DE Dusseldorf - R25 Kulturschlachthof
23/04 DE Berlin - Zukunft am Ostkreuz
24/04 DE Leipzig - UT Connewitz
25/04 DE Munich - Import Export
26/04 AT Wien - fluc + fluc wanne
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28/04 IT Pescara - Tube Cult Fest
29/04 IT Roma - La FINE
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03/05 IT Faenza - Clan Destino
04/05 CH Zurich - Zukunft
05/05 CH Bulle - Ebullition
06/05 FR Marseille - Le Molotov
07/05 FR Tolouse - TBA
08/05 ES Barcelona - TBA
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12/05 PT Lisbon - Sabotage
13/05 PT Porto - TBA
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15/05 ES Tolosa - Bonberenea
17/05 FR Rennes - Mondo Bizzarro
18/05 FR Lille - La Cave aux Poètes
19/05 FR Paris - Espace B

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