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MONSTER MAGNET - spine of god LP

MONSTER MAGNET - spine of god LP

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Model:NPRLP 744

MONSTER MAGNET - spine of god LP

"Reissue of a milestone in the Stoner Rock genre! 'Spine Of God', Monster Magnet's debut album, originally released in 1991. The perfect reincarnation of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Hawkwind. It has already achieved cult status. Version on 180 grams BLACK VINYL."

ARABS IN ASPIC - progeria / far out in aradabia 2-LP marbleARABS IN ASPIC - progeria / far out in aradabia 2-LP marble

ARABS IN ASPIC - progeria / far out in aradabia 2-LP marble

Item number: PLPC 2009
Lieferzeit 2-7 Tage. Vorausgesetzt der Kunde bezahlt/überweist zeitnah. **

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