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PSYCHIC LEMON - freak mammal LP grün

PSYCHIC LEMON - freak mammal LP grün

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PSYCHIC LEMON - freak mammal LP grün

"Psychic Lemon return with their third studio album, Freak Mammal. This is the band’s second release in the space of six months, after their live album Live at the Smokehouse sold out on vinyl within 48 hours in April. Freak Mammal is being released on Drone Rock Records, alongside a repress of their sought-after self-titled first album.

After the untimely passing of their friend and landlord Jonny Marvel, Psychic Lemon found themselves with no studio, and for one member, no home. After a long search, the band were able to temporarily relocate to an unused basement, where they spent six months writing and recording.

Freak Mammal finds Psychic Lemon further developing their unique sound, inspired by many sources including classic space rock, music from 1970s Western Africa and the best of modern psych. As ever, the band aimed to create as full a sound as three people can make, without resorting to endless overdubs.

The album is dedicated to Jonny Marvel, Psychic Lemon's biggest fan: Jonny was the MC at the band’s first gig, DJ’d at a number of subsequent gigs, and housed the Psychic Studio in his garden. He is woven into the fabric of the Psychic Lemon story

Andy Briston: Guitar, synths
Andy Hibberd: Bass
Martin Law: Drums

Recorded and mixed by Andy Briston
Mastered by Pete Maher
Photography by Aneta Pawlik on Unsplash
Recorded in 2019 in the Psychic Basement

Dedicated to Jonny Marvel and Stephen Hawking"
SUN DIAL - science fiction LP grün leicht beschädigtSUN DIAL - science fiction LP grün leicht beschädigt

SUN DIAL - science fiction LP grün leicht beschädigt

Art-Nr.: st 1802 damaged
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loading... PSYCHIC LEMON - freak mammal LP grün PSYCHIC LEMON - freak mammal LP grün

08.11. PL-Poznan, Pod Minoga
09.11. PL-Krakow, Soulstone Gathering
10.11. PL-Warschau, Hydrozagadka
25.04. Siegen, VEB

14. + 15.11. CRO-Zagreb, Kset (plus Otrovna Kristina, Jastreb etc.)

31.01. Marburg, Trauma

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