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TENGGER - segye LP rot

TENGGER - segye LP rot

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Art-Nr.:CF SOB 004

TENGGER - segye LP rot

"In 2005, Itta (voice, Indian harmonium, toys) and Marqido (analogue synths) began a new, shifting musical life as 10 in Seoul, South Korea. To mark the massive March '11 earthquake in Japan, 10 took a step in their evolution by becoming (((10))). The ground moved in a much different way when son RAAI arrived in 2012. Not missing a beat, or a good sign, (((10))) expanded to become Tengger. Itta and Marqido, now with RAAI, incorporated all the adventures their self-described traveller family might have into their immediate lives and the sounds being being generated as Tengger. Touring the US, Asia and Europe, Tengger assimilate audience reaction and the myriad experiences of exploring and turn those elements into pillars of their sound, raw material for both foundation and take-off. It's no surprise, and absolutely fitting, that 'Segye' (Korean for world) encompasses the mind, time and space. 'Segye' began taking shape in 2016 at Slow Slow Quick Quick (Seoul) during the demonstrations against President Geun-hye Park. Then, during the candle demonstration, artist Beck Jeajung made his voice heard and seen. Tengger, picking up on the synchronization, asked Jeajung to bring his art to the album taking shape. This environment, this bigger picture of family and community -this 'Segye'- feeds the album as much as Tengger's own inner circle and outbound adventures. Their lush electro/drone psych may be the product of knobs, wires and electricity, but it's made from the experiences that only the real world can provide, both immediate and distant. These inner and outer dynamics, often at odds with each other, fuse to give the pulsing of 'Segye' a subtle luxuriance that celebrates the humanity inherent in their music. Itta's voice melds and dances with the sonic patterns and processes, to continually layer, move and build on each other to not only lift the listener upwards, but to take them to places to take off again; destination to be determined. Originally released on cassette via Guruguru Brain and now as a newly mastered edition on red vinyl, limited to 300 copies."

PHOENICIAN DRIVE - two coins 10" EP marbledPHOENICIAN DRIVE - two coins 10" EP marbled

PHOENICIAN DRIVE - two coins 10" EP marbled

Art-Nr.: XAG2 08
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loading... TENGGER - segye LP rot TENGGER - segye LP rot

12.-14.04. TUN-El Kef, Sailing Stone Festival
03.05. Essen, Don't Panic
04.05. NL-Nijmegen, Doornroosje, Sonic Whip Festival
18.05. RO-Bucharest, Quantic Club, Encore Metal Festival
19.05. RO-Iasi, Partia de Ski, Rock'n'Iasi Festival
20.-22.06. Netphen, Freak Valley Festival
05.07. AT-Nikolsdorf, Stick & Stone Festival
11.07. FIN-Tampere, Kulttuuritalo Telakka (+Warp Transmission)
12.07. FIN-Oulu, UFOP 2019
26.07. UK-London, The Lexington (+Enos)
27.07. UK-Glastonbury, King Arthur (+Charivari)
28.07. UK-Devon, Kozfest
09.08. BE-Geel, Yellowstock Festival
18.09. PT-Porto, Maus Habitos (+Talea Jacta)
20.09. PT-Lisboa, Sabotage (as Talea Jacta meets Electric Moon)
21.09. PT-Santarem, Jardim Portas Do Sol, Portas Do Sol Festival
18.10. Bochum, Zeiss Planetarium
19.10. Bochum, Zeiss Planetarium

04.04. NOR-Oslo, Kampen Bistro
05.04. NOR-Arendal, Munkehaugen Scene
12.04. NOR-Trondheim, Verkstedhallen & Lobbyen

10.04. AT-Linz, Stadtwerkstatt
12.04. NL-Tilburg, Roadburn Festival
13.04. BE-Aarschot, De Haven
14.04. GER-Berlin, Hintertreffen Festival

05.04. ITA-Piacenza, ChezArt
06.04. ITA-Sezzadio, Cascina Bellaria
07.04. ITA-Torino, Ziggy
08.04. ITA-Treviglio, Clock Tower Pub
09.04. Rosenheim, Asta Kneipe

11.04. NL-Tilburg, Roadburn Festival
20.04. ITA-Pescara, Tube Cult Fest

29.05. Siegen, Vortex (+Wooden Shjips)
10.08. Plattenburg, Aqua Maria Festival

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