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PHASED - s/t (best of) 2-LP colour

PHASED - s/t (best of) 2-LP colour

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PHASED - s/t (best of) 2-LP colour

Phased is a classic power-trio with members hailing from Sweden, Finland and Switzerland. Originally found in 1997 in Switzerland, the band has gone through some line-up changes. From 2001 to 2012 they were Chris Sigdell (singer and guitarist), Marko Lehtinen (drummer) and Chris Walt (bass). In summer 2012 Marco Grementieri of the hardcore metal band Zatokrev replaced Chris Walt on bass. Dr Space from Oresund Space Collective was a special guest on the last studio CD from 2009. Phased - hailed as the Hawkwind of doom by some, pavy rock. When their wall of sound hits the desert, the sand is blown to the sea, only to be drowned in a maelstrom of monstrous proportions. Phased is a razzmatazz of a style. It can be drawn out, even phlegmatic, other times it is spacey and sounds as if it was induced by fumes of pleasure, mostly it is just dark and metallic, as Phased playfully avoid falling into the various traps of such genres as stoner. This double vinyl LP is a compilation of the bands favourite tracks from their last 3 CD releases; Music for Gentlemen (2003), Medications (2006) and A Sort Of Spasmic Phlegm Induced By Leaden Fumes Of Pleasure (2009) and also includes one unreleased song.

COMACOZER - mydriasis LP clear/orangeCOMACOZER - mydriasis LP clear/orange

COMACOZER - mydriasis LP clear/orange

Art-Nr.: MEXSCO 021
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loading... PHASED - s/t (best of) 2-LP colour PHASED - s/t (best of) 2-LP colour

09.08. BE-Geel, Yellowstock Festival
18.09. PT-Porto, Maus Habitos (+Talea Jacta)
20.09. PT-Lisboa, Sabotage (as Talea Jacta meets Electric Moon)
21.09. PT-Santarem, Jardim Portas Do Sol, Portas Do Sol Festival
18.10. Bochum, Zeiss Planetarium
19.10. Bochum, Zeiss Planetarium
09.11. PL-Krakow, Soulstone Gathering

10.08. ITA-Chieti, Primo
16.08. ITA-Caramanico, Cantina Majella

10.08. Plattenburg, Aqua Maria Festival

14. + 15.11. CRO-Zagreb, Kset (plus Otrovna Kristina, Jastreb etc.)

04. or 05.10. NOR-Oslo, Høstsabbat

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SEVEN THAT SPELLS - the death and resurrection of krautrock: omega CD

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